act one

  • 1. Guess how many pushups Bucky had to do over the entire game.
  • 2. Write down a number of pushups you know is too high. Too low.

act two

  • 3. What information will you need to get an answer?

  • Make sure you stir up a fight over the question, "Does the order of scores matter?" If a student asks for it, tell her you can give her the order but it'll take some time to get it and she needs to prove to you it matters. This is where students are constructing and critiquing arguments.

act three


  • 4. If you're Bucky, would you rather your team score their field goals at the start of the game or the end?
  • 5. What are some numbers of pushups that Bucky will never do in any game?
  • 6. Write p(x), where x is the number of touchdowns Wisconsin scored in a game where they only score touchdowns, and p is the number of pushups Bucky will have done by the end of the game.