act one

  • 1. The Gourmet Gift Baskets team wants to break the record for the biggest coffee cup. Will that cup be enough to break it? How many gallons of coffee do you think will fit inside?
  • 2. Guess as close as you can. Write your guess down.
  • 3. Write down a guess you know is too high.
  • 4. Write down a guess you know is too low.
  • 5. How long do you think it'll take them to fill up the cup?
  • 6. How many regular-size cups of coffee would fit inside that super-size cup of coffee?

act two

  • 7. What information would help solve this problem?

act three


  • 8. If you were going to try to triple the Gourmet Gift Baskets record, what kind of coffee cup would you have to build?
  • 9. With all that coffee, they may as well try to break the record for the world's largest iced coffee. How should they go about that? What difficulties will they encounter and how should they solve them?
  • 10. Find a fact that interests you in the press release and share it.