act one

  • 1. Do you think Joulies will work as advertised? Why or why not?
  • 2. How could we set up an experiment to test your answer?

act two

  • 3. What would graphs of temperature v. time look like if Joulies work? Draw the graph for a drink with Joulies and without Joulies.
  • 4. What assumptions have you made in your graphs?
  • 5. Now that you see what a graph of temperature looks like for a regular glass of hot liquid, revise your Joulies graph. If Joulies work, how will its temperature graph look?

act three


  • 6. Write an argument. Do Joulies work or not? Refer to the graphs to support your case.
  • 7. If you defined "perfect temperature" differently, could you make the opposite case?