act one

  • 1. If Dan shrinks the dollar nine times like this, how big will it be? Will you still be able to see it?
  • 2. Guess how large it will be by drawing on your dollar diagram.
  • 3. Give a guess you know is too big.
  • 4. Give a guess you know is too small.

act two

  • 5. What information would help solve this problem?

act three


  • 6. How many times would you have to copy the bill before it became invisible?
  • 7. If you wanted to expand this bill back up to normal size with exactly one copy, what percentage would Dan have to set on the copier?
  • 8. You could turn a US dollar coin (26.5 mm diameter) into the size of a dime (17.91 mm diameter) by copying it four times at 90%. Give two other ways you could do exactly the same thing.